Corners (2011-2016), book, self-published, 2018



With this work, I look at interior scenes from public space. I am more interested by what I can see from the street than by the street in itself. Some elements - curtains, translucid glass, blinds, are both linking and separating private and public space alltogether, especially for activities relying on  their accessibility and visibility in the city: offices, fast foods, hotels, sporting clubs, shops, services and facilities. Corners is an urban exploration game, and the whole work weaves a contrasted and complex image, in which activities, social status, space design, colors and artificial light qualify in different ways these microcosms of the contemporary city.


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Corners, self-published, 2018



Corners (2011-2016)
Self-published, 2018 
Softcover / 168 pages / 116 images / color / 20x29 cm 
Digital printing (Indigo)

Incl. an interview with Stanislas Amand






Corners, 2011-2016